Being a Computer literate person I want to communicate my message, of peace and love for others as a fellow being of life. Just to keep them happy, aware and educate, about great things which seems very little in sight of a lay man. Personally  I believe on scientific analysis that is so I have collected these information's on my own interest and personal approach for authenticity. However  I am indebted to Mr.: Muhammad Alam my friend a social worker and educator (President Al-khedmat Nawagai (C.B.O) in Nawagai Buner) for his hectic efforts in drafting's these words. I am also great full to Mr.: Arshad Ali my friend and helper whom support me well.

Syed Shafiullah (Shafiq)

S/o Syed  Sirajuddin (Khazano Bacha Sahib)2003

Village: Khazana Dheri

Distt: Mardan (N.W.F.P) Pakistan.